Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Cliffe House Farm, Crambe Field 133

Kiln Number: Kiln 2

Grid Reference: SE72886553



Geology: clay with sand and limestone adjacent

Situation: gently sloping valley side

Height above OD: 75 m

Water Supply: streams within 150 m, R Darwent approx 400 m E

Circumstances of Record: ploughing; limited excavation (excl. kilns) (Wenham), cutting field drains; limited excavation (King and Moore) (kilns)

Excavator/Observer: L P Wenham; E M King , M Moore

Date of Record: 1960-65; 1974

Kiln Type: F??: small, circular, clay-lined

Kiln Interior: no evidence for internal support

Oven Floor: no evidence for permanent raised oven-floor (see Commants)

Flue: stone-lined flue

Site Features and Finds: originally, kiln may have been used as oven without flue, with later flue built over part of its stokehole; probable building and pit adjacent

Pottery: vessels in Crambeck tradition incl. bowls limitating samian form Dr. 38, buff wall-sided mortaria, and flagons with moulded face-mask on neck

Date of Pottery: mid-late 4

Reference(s): King and Moore 1974 (kilns); Wenham 1966, 20-30 (other features)

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Y Mus,York

Comments: Kilns 1 and 2 belonged to Crambeck industry (see Welburn); no prefab. furniture found in furnace or on site but excavated area very small and any portable supports could have been reused, as on Crambeck main site (p. 111)