Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: S of Mount Pleasant Farm (E of Whitwell-on the-Hill)

Kiln Number: Kiln 2

Grid Reference: SE72716670


Parish: WELBURN (1)

Geology: sand over limestone, with clay pockets

Situation: gently sloping hill-side

Height above OD: 80 m

Water Supply: pond 150 m W, R Derwent 750 m SE

Circumstances of Record: building a dual carriageway; limited salvage and rescue excavation

Excavator/Observer: P Corder

Date of Record: 1936

Kiln Type: F?2: circular, floored and lined with clay, with evidence for clay reflooring (partly destroyed before record)

Kiln Interior: no internal support

Oven Floor: no evidence for raised oven-floor

Flue: very long, wide, bulbous flue, walled and floored with stone slabs bonded with clay, and possibly roofed with clay; evidence of repair to flue involving reflooring with fired clay kiln-debris and addition of stone revetment to flue-cheeks

Site Features and Finds: Kiln 1 shared stokehole with Kiln 2; surface indications suggest further probable kilns in same field; site lay 700 m SW of main Crambeck kiln complex (F694-7) and was an outlier in the same general industry

Pottery: Kiln 1 and 2: Crambeck ware grey flanged dishes and bowls (Gillam 315, 231), plain dishes (Gillam 320, 333), handled cooking -pots; buff hammer-head mortaria, parchment-ware bowls (some painted), bowls imitating samian form Dr. 38, flagons and beakers

Date of Pottery: mid-late 4

Reference(s): Corder and Birley 1937

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Malton Mus

Comments: Corder assumed that Kilns 1 and 2 had had a permanent, clay, vented, raised, oven-floor (destroyed before record), but prefab. temporary props may have been involved and removed for reuse elsewhere, as discussed (p.111) for Crambeck main complex (Welburn 3; F694-7)