Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Rossington Bridge Farm

Kiln Number: Kiln 1

Grid Reference: SK63389971



Geology: sand with clay nearby

Situation: sloping valley side; spring adjacent

Height above OD: 5 m

Water Supply: R Torne 70 m N

Circumstances of Record: ploughing; limited research excavation

Excavator/Observer: J R Lidster

Date of Record: 1961

Kiln Type: F6: circular, clay-lined, with possible evidence of earlier kiln underlying bottom of chamber

Kiln Interior: (c): rectangular pedestal, extending almost to back wall of chamber (removed, but raised area survived); (j): prominent clay ledges

Oven Floor: radial clay bars, secured with clay (stub-ends only survived)

Flue: short flue cut through solid block of clay (cf. Cantley Estate Kilns (6, 8, 20, 256)), with evidence for repair, using a large clay slab, on one side

Site Features and Finds: stokehole of Kiln 1 overlapped with that of Kiln 2 (following and probably preceded it; several surface concentrations of pottery and fired clay suggest further probable kilns S and W of Kilns 1 and 2; pebble polisher in stokehole; Roman road, with probable bridge over R Torne, N of site

Pottery: Kiln 1 grey wares generally similr to range produced by kilns at Rossington Bridge Pumping Station site, Cantley, on opposite side of R Torne, 250 m NNW; kiln underlying Kiln 1 parisian wares

Date of Pottery: within c. 135-late 2

Reference(s): Doncaster Mus Records

Source of Information: M J Dolby and P C Buckland

Location of Finds: Doncaster Mus

Comments: for other kilns in same general industry see Auckley, Blaxton, Cantley and Doncaster Parishes