Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: E of the Green

Kiln Number:

Grid Reference: NZ21041570



Geology: gravel, sand and clay

Situation: level valley bottom

Height above OD: 60 m

Water Supply: R Tees 120 m S

Circumstances of Record: large-scale advance rescue excavation

Excavator/Observer: P R Scott and S Large

Date of Record: 1980

Kiln Type: F7: circular, clay-lined, deeply-set

Kiln Interior: no evidence for under-floor supportive structure

Oven Floor: clay vent-holed floor, possibly embodying withies wrapped around with clay, which were fired in situ and subsequently overplastered with clay and vented

Flue: short clay-lined flue

Site Features and Finds: kiln lay under roadway immediately outside E gate of later fort and probably related to supply of earlier (unlocated) fort; Dere Street Roman road 200 m E

Pottery: orange stamped mortaria, ring-necked and pinch-necked flagons, carinated bowls with fiat rims, rustic ware, and rouletted bowls imitating samian forms (Dr. 29,37)

Date of Pottery: Trajanic

Reference(s): Britannia 11 (1980) 327-8

Source of Information: P R Scott

Location of Finds: P R Scott (excavator: pending publication)

Comments: oven-floor not in situ but dismantled and back-filled into kiln-chamber