Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Cockerdale Wood, Cold Cam

Kiln Number:

Grid Reference: SE53798158


Parish: OLDSTEAD (1)

Geology: limestone

Situation: steeply sloping valley side

Height above OD: 230 m

Water Supply: springs adjacent

Circumstances of Record: bulldozing for forestry track; surface observation, limited excavation

Excavator/Observer: J W Moore (surface), R H Hayes (excavation)

Date of Record: 1952; 1956-7

Kiln Type: F: probably, small, with clay and stone lining (mostly destroyed)

Kiln Interior: destroyed before record

Oven Floor: no evidence survived for raised oven-floor (interior of kiln destroyed before record)

Flue: stone-lined flue

Site Features and Finds: possible paved floor and pit containing kiln products, and quern nearby; smooth stones (?for burnishing); flint blades

Pottery: orange wares incl. hammer-head and flanged mortaria (approx Gillam 273, 275) with ironstone grlts and cream slip painted onto interior of rim and exterior of vessel, flanged bowls (copying Dr.38); grey gritty lid-seated jars in forms related to Dales/Swanpool tradition; possibly also grey dog-dishes with beaded rim, and S-shaped bowls

Date of Pottery: late 3-4

Reference(s): Hayes 1963, 407-13

Source of Information: OS Records

Location of Finds: Scarborough Mus

Comments: evidence for possible iron-working in vicinity; site lay within complex of earthworks and settlement enclosures