Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Howe Road, Model Farm Estate

Kiln Number: Kiln 1

Grid Reference: SE79787095


Parish: NORTON (2)

Geology: sand and gravel over warp and lacustrine clay

Situation: gently slopping valley side

Height above OD: 25 m

Water Supply: stream 550 m NW, R Derwent 700 m NW

Circumstances of Record: building houses estate; limited salvage excavation

Excavator/Observer: R H Hayes and E Whitley

Date of Record: 1948-9

Kiln Type: F?2 or 5: small, oval, clay-lined

Kiln Interior: ?(m): lip of kiln-wall used for resting ends of bars; no supporting furniture found in situ  

Oven Floor: raised oven-floor (not in situ) of tongue-shaped bars with bilobed end (?shaped for resting on kiln-lip)

Flue: long, clay-lined flue (damaged at one end prior to record)

Site Features and Finds: T-shaped flue (pottery or grain drying-floor) E of Kilns 1-3; several paved floors (?workshops) and many querns nearby; kilns appeared to have been sited within ditched plots or enclosures in SE part of Norton vicus/industrial complex, supplying Malton fort

Pottery: grey wares incl. plain dog-dishes and bead-rimmed bowls and dishes (Gillam, 223/311), all with small chamfer; bowls with incipient flange (Gillam 226), cavetto-rimmed jars (a few with looped handles, local-type biconical carinated bowls, plain ovoid jars with everted rim (? devolved poppy-head beakers) narrow-mouthed necked jars, S-shaped bowls, ?indented beakers; calcite-gritted wares absent

Date of Pottery: within c. 200-240

Reference(s): Hayes and Whitley 1950; Robinson 1978, 38-9, Sites 330-53

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Malton Mus; Y Mus, York; Lincoln CC Mus (pottery-type series)

Comments: stokehole of Kiln 1 had been party overlain by Kiln 3; Kiln 1 also pre-dated Kiln 2