Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: N of Grove Bungalow, Langton Road

Kiln Number: Norton Kiln 8

Grid Reference: SE79547089


Parish: NORTON (1)

Geology: sand and gravel over warp and lacustrine clay

Situation: gently slopping valley side

Height above OD: 25 m

Water Supply: Mill Beck 400 m W, R Derwent 650 m NNW

Circumstances of Record: limited research excavation

Excavator/Observer: R H Hayes and E Whitley

Date of Record: 1949

Kiln Type: F?2 or 4: small, circular, clay-lined, with stones packed behind clay walling, in upper part

Kiln Interior: (j): 2 long slots in kiln-wall, opposite one another and at right-angles to flue-axis (?for seating bars); ??(a) or (b): ?temporary stacking aids as else where at Norton (p 110), or pots

Oven Floor: no raised oven-floor in situ (??bars, as elsewhere at Norton: pp 109-10)

Flue: long flue with clay walls, stone-slab roof and floor, and stone flue-cheeks

Site Features and Finds: stone wall (?later) built over flue-mouth; lump of burnt limestone (?pedestal); further probable kilns (unexcav.), buildings and road SW and NE of site; for further excavated kilns, probably part of same general complex, see Norton 2

Pottery: grey local-type narrow-mouthed jars, dishes, lug-handled cooking-pots, indented beakers (Norton 7,1,4,6), mortaria with reeded rim, and handmade calcite-gritted 'Knapton-type' cooking-pots

Date of Pottery: late 3-early 4

Reference(s): Hayes and Whitley 1950, 41-2; YAJ 37 (1949) 524-5; Robinton 1978, 38, Sites 319-27

Source of Information: R H Hayes (Hutton-le-Hole)

Location of Finds: Malton Mus

Comments: furnace-chamber had been refloored with clay incorporating a quern and stone slabs; site lay within southern part of Norton vicus/industrial settlement, serving Malton fort on opposite bank of river