Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Woodhouse Farm

Kiln Number:

Grid Reference: SE99834400


Parish: LOCKINGTON (1)

Geology: sand and clay

Situation: sloping valley side

Height above OD: 25 m

Water Supply: streams nearby

Circumstances of Record: limited excavation

Excavator/Observer: C D Lloyd

Date of Record: 1958

Kiln Type: F6: oval, dug into natural clay and unlined below ground-level; clay-lined above ground-level

Kiln Interior: (d): long, rectangular tongue of natural clay subsoil left in situ

Oven Floor: solid-clay, vent-holed floor, supported on withies bedded in top of tongue and on lip of kiln-wall; small recesses in the kiln-wall also formed vents on edge of raised oven-floor

Flue: clay-lined flue

Site Features and Finds: ?stake-holes in edge of stokehole; kiln lay in corner of earthwork enclosure which formed part of a settlement/field complex

Pottery: grey dishes (Gillam 313, 317), local-type wide-mouthed bowls, cooking-pots (some with handles), narrow-mouthed jars in Throlam/N Lincolnshire ceramic tradition

Date of Pottery: probably late 2-early 3

Reference(s): Lloyd 1968

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Hull TA Mus