Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: S of Hasholme Hall

Kiln Number: Kiln 1 (Halkon's Site H1)

Grid Reference: SE82243275



Geology: blown sand containing iron lumps, overlying clay

Situation: slight hillock

Height above OD: 3 m

Water Supply: R Foulness 250 m S; possible earlier course of river nearer to kilns than at present

Circumstances of Record: ploughing; limited excavation; field-walking

Excavator/Observer: J D Hicks, J A Wilson, P Halkon

Date of Record: 1969/71, late 1975s-early 1980s

Kiln Type: D??2/4: internally oval, cut out of a compacted deposit of clay (?platform base) dumped in a shallow scoop; sand banked up against kiln-walls (badly eroded by ploughing)

Kiln Interior: no supports found in situ; interior fitments of kiln probably stripped out on its abandonment

Oven Floor: no evidence of raised oven-floor survived; interior of kiln stripped out on abandonment and subsequently eroded by ploughing

Flue: long flue, cut out of clay dump

Site Features and Finds: sunken stokehole and kiln-chamber back-filled with material from waster-heap incl. 3 burnishing stones; kiln sited near partly filled-in ditch belonging to earlier (1st century) complex of settlement/ enclosures; iron-smelting furnace nearby; geophysical survey suggests further kilns or furnaces in vicinity; surface evidence of further iron-working to E at SE824328; 'old marl pits' nearby may indicate former clay-diggings for RB industry

Pottery: grey 'Throlam' ware dishes (Gillam 313, 315), bowls (Gillam 223/225) and flanged bowls (Gillam 231), sometimes with external wavy-line decoration; large local-type bowls with everted rim and wavy-line decoration, narrow mouthed jars with handles and 'moulded' rim, large cooking-pots with looped handles (Gillam 40), Dales-type cooking-pots in gritty and non-gritty fabric

Date of Pottery: mid/late 3-early/mid 4

Reference(s): Hicks and Wilson 1975, 49-70; Halkon 1983

Source of Information: Hull TA Mus Records

Location of Finds: Hull TA Mus

Comments: Kilns 1-3 may possibly have been slightly earlier than those at Throlam itself; for discussion of kiln type and its relationships see pp. 123-4