Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Cantley Estate, North Kiln Group Lewyns Drive

Kiln Number: Kiln 3

Grid Reference: SE61610243


Parish: DONCASTER (4)

Geology: sand and gravel with pockets of clay

Situation: very gently sloping, slight spur

Height above OD: 12 m

Water Supply: brook(s) in general vicinity

Circumstances of Record: building housing estate: limited rescue excavation

Excavator/Observer: F K Annable

Date of Record: 1953

Kiln Type: F??3 or ??5: circular, clay-lined, with marks suggestive of use of pot-base to smooth walls of chamber

Kiln Interior: (c): 2 long, rectangular, central, clay pedestals, parallel to flue-axis; no evidence for internal ledge

Oven Floor: no associated evidence for raised oven-floor, but bars and/or wedges could possibly have been jammed between pedestals and kiln wall, without need for a ledge

Flue: thick flue of clay with capping of 2 flat stones, added separately and partly overplastered with clay

Site Features and Finds: top of flue-arch lay above probable level of raised oven-floor; evidence for subsidence of kiln-structure in course of use

Pottery: grey local-type burnished jars (some with handles), wide-mouthed bowls, dishes, lid-seated jars, cooking-pots with linear rustication, bowls decorated with grooves and cordons copying samian form Dr. 37

Date of Pottery: ?mid-late 2

Reference(s): Annable 1960; idem 1954, 403-4

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Doncaster Mus

Comments: 'fishponds' and adjacent depressions, approx 140 m NNE of kiln, probably represent former clay-pits, serving this and other kilns in Cantley pottery industry