Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Cantley Estate, East Kiln Group Acacia Road

Kiln Number: Kiln 5

Grid Reference: SE61700185


Parish: DONCASTER (3)

Geology: sand and gravel with pockets of clay

Situation: very gently sloping valley side

Height above OD: 11 m

Water Supply: building a housing estate; limited rescue and salvage excavation

Circumstances of Record:

Excavator/Observer: F K Annable

Date of Record: 1953

Kiln Type: F?5: circular, lined with clay incorporating occasional pebbles and potsherds (damaged before record); upper part of kiln-wall probably demolished in Roman period

Kiln Interior: (c): 2 long, rectangular, parallel, clay pedestals, aligned on flue-axis; evidence for pedestals having been shaped between wooden boards; (h): integral projecting clay ledge

Oven Floor: ?bars (removed for reuse); single, roughly-shaped, thick, perforated, clay 'wedge', semicircular in section, jammed between a pedestal and the kiln-wall

Flue: flue destroyed before record

Site Features and Finds: Kiln 6 lay immediately SE of Kiln 5

Pottery: grey local-type jars (some with loop-handles), wide-mouthed bowls, pie-dishes

Date of Pottery: ?mid/late 2+

Reference(s): Annable 1960; idem 1954, 405-6

Source of Information: M J Dolby and P C Buckland

Location of Finds: Doncaster Mus