Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: W of Waighton Lock

Kiln Number: Faxfleet Site A

Grid Reference: SE873254


Parish: BROOMFLEET (1)

Geology: alluvium over clay, with sand nearby

Situation: level foreshore

Height above OD: 3 m

Water Supply: Humber Estuary shore immediately adjacent

Circumstances of Record: tidal erosion; surface collection of material


Date of Record: 1962 onwards

Kiln Type: supposed 'kiln' below Humber flood-bank

Kiln Interior:

Oven Floor:


Site Features and Finds: kiln-furniture incl. a 'saggar' (a stacking item), probably suggestive of pottery production in general vicinity; evidence for RB settlement on site, with adjacent harbour

Pottery: no pottery associated with saggar, but quantities of grey ware in Throlam tradition from site may imply an extension of that industry here (for Throlam industry see Holme upon Spalding Moor)

Date of Pottery:

Reference(s): Reader 1972, x 2, YAJ41 (1966) 556

Source of Information: N Loughlin

Location of Finds: Hull TA Mus

Comments: Ramm's (1978) suggestion that the saggars may have reached Faxfleet as packing with pottery transported to the site from the Throlam kilns is implausible; such a practice would have added much could equally well have been packed with straw or other similar materials