Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Hall Arm Lane, Aldborough

Kiln Number: 'Location 53A'

Grid Reference: SE41016635



Geology: sand and gravel over boulder clay

Situation: gently sloping valley side

Height above OD: 20 m

Water Supply: R Ure 500 m N

Circumstances of Record: digging a sewage trench; observation and salvage excavation

Excavator/Observer: M U Jones

Date of Record: 1964

Kiln Type:

Kiln Interior:

Oven Floor:


Site Features and Finds: large deposit (approx 6 m long) of dark earth containing fragments of fired clay, possible 'tile wasters' and abundant unused pottery, many examples of a very limited range of types, incl. wasters, suggestive of kiln site nearby; lave quern fragment; site lay adjacent to 'Red Hills', 200 m E of Roman town, at the junction of the York-Milby-Catterick Roman road and a presumed service road leading to the town's East gate

Pottery: oxidized (or ?reduced) carinated bowls with reeded rim, ovoid cooking-pots or jars with everted rim (same with scored lattice-decoration), campanulate bowls (approx Gillam 211), lids, platters (Gillam 322/325) with internal basal grooves in groups of three; ring-necked flagons with cream slip and foot-ring (Gillam 4/5); cream-buff flanged mortaria with cream slip and white, grey and brown grit, some white, grit, some stamped by potter Nator

Date of Pottery: Trajanic-early Hadrianic

Reference(s): Jones 1971, 53-4, 59, 64-7, 75

Source of Information:

Location of Finds: Aldborough R Mus

Comments: presence in deposit of some tiles, apparently wasters, may indicate their use kiln-structure(s) rather than their actual production on the site; range of vessel-types suggests production geared primarily to military consumers (?to the probable fort which proceded the town on the site); mortaria stamped by Nator known at other military sites, e.g. Bainbridge, York and Malton