Details of relevant entry in The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain by Vivien Swan

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Site Name: Auckley sand pit, S at Auckley village

Kiln Number:

Grid Reference: SE655003


Parish: AUCKLEY (1)

Geology: sand and gravel

Situation: level

Height above OD: 7 m

Water Supply: streams nearby

Circumstances of Record: quarrying


Date of Record: c. 1944

Kiln Type: probable kiln (no record survives)

Kiln Interior:

Oven Floor: possible fire-bar fragments among general debris from site may imply temporary raised oven-floor


Site Features and Finds: for further nearby kilns and kiln sites to NE and E, see Auckley (2) and Blaxton

Pottery: possibly grey ware bowls

Date of Pottery:

Reference(s): Buckland and Dolby 1980, 4

Source of Information: P Buckland and M Dolby

Location of Finds: Doncaster Mus

Comments: kiln site formed part of major regional pottery industry centred on Doncaster area (seee also Cantley, Doncaster and Rossington Bridge)